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Dr. Wisniewski is only accepting new parenatal families, and only by referral.


Dr. Elizabeth Wisniewski, DC MA RSMT PPNE RYT PhD candidate. She/Her/Hers.


Namaste, I’m Dr. Elizabeth Wisniewski and I am passionate about vitalistic perinatal care. I am the only Webster plus Perinatal certified Chiro within 100 mile radius. My practices are somatic, gender, and trauma informed. I am anti-ablest, anti-racist, and a Decolonial fourth-wave feminist. I am humbled to practice on Chumash (Shmuwich) land now known as Santa Barbara, California.

I am an ENFJ, 3 with a 2 wing on the Enneagram, and have my sun sign in cancer, moon sign in Scorpio, with a Leo rising. My love language is gift giving and I share my gifts through holistic healthcare throughout the perinatal continuum.
I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and did my undergrad at the University of Montana in Missoula, where I earned a bachelors in environmental studies and political science. From a young age I was passionate about environmental and social justice. Those passions combined with my lived experience of over 30 eye surgeries for a rare eye disease deeply informed my journey towards holistic healing in my own body. And by extension motivating me to facilitate and advocate for healing in all beings. I am humbled to walk on this healing journey with you. And so it is.

Dr. Elizabeth Wisniewski

Techniques Provided in Chiropractic





Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT)

Thompson Drop Table

Trigger Point


Pre/Post Natal and Pediatrics

One of Dr. Elizabeth’s specialties and pleasures is getting to work with pregnant mothers and newborn children. Her gentle work cultivates and facilitates the bodies neuromuscular development, natural immune system, and digestion amongst other benefits. Dr. Elizabeth is Webster technique certified through the international chiropractic pediatric association, which helps prevent the incidence of dystocia (birth trauma). The pressure used to adjust a newborn is the same amount of pressure used to test whether or not a tomato is ripe. Her approach is safe, effective, and extremely gentle for Mother and Child.

The importance this work is also beneficial for the following conditions:


Prevention/Acute Ear Infections

Trouble Latching During Breast Feeding

Sleep Regulation


Whole Body Vitality

Dr Elizabeth ascribes to a vitalistic philosophy meaning the connection between mind – body – spirit – soul – psyche – planet. She is able to provide this not only through her chiropractic practice, but supplementally with lifestyle consultations through nutritional support, private yoga, massage, therapeutic tools, and essential oils.

To find out which products are best for you, schedule a consultation.

Products Currently Available

Standard Process

Hot Cherry

Essential Oil Wizardry


Amethyst, tourmaline, and jade each have a long history within alternative medicine for their abilities to facilitate recovery and strength. When combined with heat therapy, these gemstones release far infrared rays and negative ions, natural therapies that improve your body’s overall wellness levels.

Combined with PEMF (Pulled Electromagnetic Frequency) these mats help balance, restore and rejuvenate.

As a chiropractor my clients can get 10% off and free shipping with the code: ewc10s

Kind Words:

"Dr. Elizabeth has a special skill in knowing exactly where my body is begging for an adjustment. Her holistic approach to healing is something that I admire and look for in practitioners. She is not just a chiropractor, she is a healer in every sense of the word. As a physical therapist, I feel confident and comfortable sending my patients to her for their adjustments."
Danel L.
“I always know that I can count on Dr. Elizabeth to truly care for my body and wellbeing. After every session I feel the subtle shifts in my nervous system and I leave feeling like I've taken a whole body exhale."
Maddy B.
“Choose to start care with Dr. Wisniewski and she will not only help you get rid of your pain, but she will inspire you to become the best version of yourself! Highly recommended."
Aimee C.

Whole Body Vitality

The price due is a non-refundable $200.00. This includes a comprehensive spinal examination and may include a chiropractic adjustment if necessary and safe. This $200 payment also covers your follow-up 30-minute second patient visit. 

Please choose the 60-minute new patient appointment if you have never been in to see us in the past.

For your second visit, if you are pregnant or recently have given birth please choose the 30-minute perinatal visit. For individuals, unless otherwise specified by Dr. Elizabeth, choose the 15-minute chiropractic adjustment; for families with 2-4 members getting treatment please choose the 30-minute family adjustment time option.

You can use the following methods for payment: cash, personal check, PayPal, Venmo, cash app or we can email you a square invoice in which you may use debit, credit, FSA, or HSA cards.

A typical 15-minute chiropractic appointment is $75.00. However based on our findings and your health goals, care plans can be created to potentially save you money.

If it is a life-threatening emergency call 9-1-1. If not you can text the business line and Dr. Elizabeth will get back to you as soon as possible. The emergency new patient fee for a weekend and after-hours appointments is $250.00 (this  includes the second  appointment 30-minute follow-up to be scheduled at a later time during standard business hours). The emergency pediatric new patient fee is $150.00 (this also  includes the 30-minute second appointment follow-up as well). Existing patients will be charged $90.00. Payment is due at end of appointment and emergency treatment cannot be deducted from an existing care plan. The emergency treatment for an existing pediatric patient is $60.00 and cannot be deducted from an existing care plan.

Dr. Elizabeth is certified in the Webster technique for pregnancy care and also provides Diversified technique, Sacral Occipital Technique, Thompson Drop Table, Activator method, and various soft tissue techniques including medical massage techniques, ayurvedic bodywork techniques, and forms of energy work upon request.

Yes, the pressure used to adjust a baby is the same used to test if a tomato is ripe. For more information visit Dr. Elizabeth specializes in pregnancy and pediatric treatment.

Birth can be traumatic, especially when intervention is used such as forceps or vacuum extraction. It is safe and gentle to have Dr. Elizabeth check and adjust your newborn baby. Additionally, children are constantly falling when learning to crawl and walk so it is a good idea to have chiropractic wellness checks in order to help the child’s neuromusculoskeletal system develop properly.

There is ample street parking. Be mindful that Wednesdays between 1-4 pm street sweeping is happening on our side of the street and tickets are issued by the city. Likewise on Thursdays between 1-4 pm street sweeping occurs on the opposite side of the street and tickets may be issued by the city. In special circumstances, patients can park in our driveway if they have a disability or special needs that make it difficult to walk a short distance. There are three small steps to get into the space however the hand rail is high.

Please wait outside on the front porch area. Dr. Elizabeth to call you in for your appointment. If you are coming for a family appointment you will come in one at a time unless you are a parent with a newborn or small child.

Please wear your mask. There is hand sanitizer outside the sliding door on the front porch or you can come in and wash your hands with soap and water in the bathroom. We ask if you prefer to wear gloves during your appointment that they are new, clean gloves and not gloves you have worn all over town or in places like a grocery store. If you are expressing symptoms, please cancel your appointment and follow proper public health guidelines, including getting tested. 

1915 Gillespie St SB, CA 93101

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New Perinatal Patients please select the 90 min New Family Chiropractic Adjustment to make sure we have enough time set aside for your appointment. Thank you. 

BA Environmental Studies and Political Science University of Montana 2006
1288 Hrs Medical Massage and Manual Therapy Certification, Blue Heron Academy 2007
Palmer College of Chiropractic – West 2012
Winner of the Prestigious Virgal V. Strang Philosophy Award 2012 
National Board Certified, Doctor of Chiropractic, 2012
National Board Certified Physiotherapy, 2012
RYT 200 Yoga Alliance, 2015
MA Depth Psychology with a specialization in Somatic Studies, Pacifica Graduate Institute 2018
Ayurvedic Bodywork Certification 2019 Maharani Academy
PHD Candidate in Depth Psychology with a specialization in Somatic Studies, Pacifica Graduate Institute 2019